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YEA Corps accepts corporate funding, federal and state grants, as well as individual donations. Such investments have had significant impact on the vitality and success of our organization. If you would like to make an immediate 501(c)3 donation visit our Donate tab. If you wish to allocate or discuss a potential donation please contact us.

Volunteer as a project or event leader

Looking to donate time and expertise? Work directly with our Board of Directors on event planning or other volunteer activities. Contact us. Qualified and serious applicants only please.

Apply to join the Operations Team!

All of our services and programs are provided by our youth-led Operations Team. If you have interest in how to get involved, contact us for more information.

Meet the 2012-2013 Operations Team:

Zach Robinson: Operations Director

Ayan Hargrove: System Engineer

Curtis Wilson: Lead Teacher / Spanish Interpreter

Sarah Halverson-Fried: Program Manager, Community Outreach Coordinator and Vermi-composting

Kirk Marschel: Permaculture Manager

Cristina Liefson: Administrative Manager / Spanish Interpretation

Saeed Nezhad: Construction Coordinator

Andi Thone: Mushroom Systems

Anna French: Education Coordinator

Michael Tuma: Unity Project Specialist

Peter Schneider: Lighting Systems

Participate in the YEA Summer Internship Program

Experience an environmentally-focused entrepreneurial internship with YEA Corps. In our 8-week intensive internship, we provide mentorship and real-world learning opportunities for youth looking for professional edge. Working within our organization, participants gain access to:

- Business and entrepreneurial skills

- Hands-on knowledge of innovative, indoor urban agriculture systems, including: aquaponics, vermi-composting, mushroom cultivation, algae cultivation and more

- Site visits to partner organizations and schools

- Resume-worthy experience building an organization and working with a Board of Directors

Graduates of our program have secured jobs in the environmental industry, leadership roles in environmentally and socially-conscious organizations, and even employment with YEA Corps. Connect with other youth participants and those looking to build skills while participating in an organization with a mission.

Candidate selection is competitive and limited. Now accepting interested applicants for the 2013 Internship!

2012 Certifications

2011 Certifications

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