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Proposition 100 not a savior for Arizona high school sports

Oh, the passage of Proposition 100? Yeah, that was pretty sweet, too.

That’s not to say high school sports programs throughout Arizona suddenly are flush with cash. The hard times continue. But the sky is falling proclamations that were made in
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"We definitely cleared a hurdle," said Herman House, director of interscholastics for the Tucson Unified School District. "There are still cuts to be made, but I think we’re going to be OK."

How important was the yes vote on Proposition 100? Well, let’s use the Tucson schools as an example. House said that if the 1 percent sales tax increase was defeated, administrators were prepared to eliminate all interscholastic activities.

Not a program or two, mind you. Every sport at every level.

Instead, that draconian measure is off the table, although the district still expects to have to cut costs by reducing travel and taking other measures, such as possibly eliminating some freshman sports.

In Tolleson, meanwhile, district spokeswoman Karen Eubanks said there’s a possibility the four sports programs already cut golf, swimming,
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"The good news is we don’t have to cut anything else," Eubanks said.

cheap ray bans be clear, though: Coaches and administrators should not view Proposition 100 as a miracle drug. Rather, it should serve as a warning.

High school sports programs need to find a way to make themselves less dependent of the public’s largesse. The economy is fragile; there’s no telling when or how deep the next round of education cuts will be. And when that time comes, voters may not be as willing to part with a piece of their pay stub.

"Just because this vote went our way doesn’t mean we can relax and say everything is OK," House said.

The solution is to make programs as self sufficient as possible. Fountain Hills High School, for example, will fund with the exception of transportation costs and Arizona Interscholastic Association fees its 14 sports programs next school year without using district monies.

Is that easier for a single school in a relatively affluent area? No question. But high schools can do a better job of raising money.

What about ads on school buses? Or on a school’s web page? Is there a business in the community that would pay to have its name on a campus facility such as a softball field or basketball gym? The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) allows such sponsorships, but I can’t think of a single high school venue in the Valley that bears an advertiser’s name.

Some will view that sort of commercialism as too crass for high school sports. But what’s worse: Joe’s Pizza Diamond or programs ceasing to exist because of a lack of funds?

cheap ray ban outlet the NFHS is reconsidering its ban of sponsorship patches on uniforms. If the federation goes ahead and changes policy, high schools should sell their jerseys to the highest bidder.

But the business of high school sports still needs to change.5A Arizona high school football championship history.Articles Connexes´╝Ü

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